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"There were a lot of beautiful, blond, gorgeous girls in my year who got the Juliets and the like. I got the Jewish grandmothers and all the farcical parts, which was actually really, really good because it made me aware of my capabilities as an actor."
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I know girls who spill I’m sorry’s from their mouths like they pump blood
to their veins.
Sometimes, I am one.
I know girls who apologize for asking
to go to the bathroom in class,
who apologize for everything
because they feel like they are taking
up more than their fair share of space
on this planet.
Everything starts with an I’m sorry
and ends with one too,
constant bookends that we don’t
even notice anymore.
We delete her apology the way we
delete likes and ums from speech.
I know girls with ten times more apologies
than misdemeanors
and I wonder how often they hear
It’s okay.
You’re more than okay.
-"I’m Sorry" by Claire Luisa  (via tanghuijuan)

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The start of my long battle with Internet addiction
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Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve.
-Unknown (via psych-facts)

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Spoil her with consistency.
-Unknown (via perfect)

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Martine Johanna
"Under the Moon"
Graphite and Lacquer on Wood Panel
60 cm x 50 cm 
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Frau Magazine Photographer: Mika Ninagawa Model: Devon Aoki
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Times Square from above.

so scary

Holy shit
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it doesn’t matter that my thighs are thicker
so is my hair
no one cares that my stomach wobbles
I can stand strong
now my happiness shows
instead of my bones
my eyes aren’t wet with tears
my skin’s no longer dry and tight
yeah maybe my hips are wider
but so is my smile
my body is full of food
my eyes are full of life
I’m finally living
and it is beautiful
-recovery looks good on me and I’m not going to let anything take that away (via metamorphosisofmeg)

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